Triled: the revolutionary technology mosquito repellent

An innovative lamp, with the scientifically tested repellent effectiveness, for your wellbeing and your family's wellbeing

Mosquitoes: a danger to global health.
Triled: an effective attendance.

Malaria, Febbre Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever are pathologies that affect millions of people each year and recruit hundreds of thousands of victims. Triled technology is able to make a contribution to the fight against these diseases.

The yellow light of Triled lamp is able to move away mosquitoes from the environment: it is demonstrated by scientific laboratory tests.

Three lights, three scenarios, one saving

With a simple click on the switcher, the light mode and its effect on the environment change. With reduced energy consumption up to 60% *.


Releases more sense of feeling and cleanliness, perfect if you are looking for daylight that exalts the details of your apartment, office or other.


A shade that creates pleasant and relaxing atmospheres, which can make the skin and traits of people more relaxed and pleased. Natural light is associated with warm and positive feelings.


In addition to creating a bright and welcoming environment, it has a laboratory-proven efficacy, unique and incredibly useful in its repellent power against annoying and dangerous mosquitoes.

The extra plus of bulbs and tubes TRILED TECHNOLOGY is the revolutionary feature in YELLOW LIGHT mode: a technology that keeps mosquitoes away from the lighted space. These special lamps, besides creating a bright and welcoming environment, have unique and incredibly useful efficiencies, a repellent power against annoying and dangerous mosquitoes.


 UNGM 546658

A successful Italian story

From the idea of a Neapolitan student, a unique patented technology worldwide.

Riccardo Ricciolio, 24 years old, Neapolitan: from his idea for an Innovation Exam at University in San Francisco was born a unique patented technology worldwide.

Triled news

Triled at Pharma Expo

Triled at Pharma Expo

TRILED technology attended for the first time the Pharma Expo 2017 in Naples at the Mostra D’oltremare Exhibition Centre, where the young entrepreneur Riccardo Ricciolio presented this new type of repellent on the Italian pharmaceutical market with very positive feedbacks and several interviews for different pharmaceuticals and healthcare magazines. It seems that due to its technological value, attention to detail and the various laboratory tests that have put the bulb in a serious stress, TRILED has been appreciated with the status of 2017 product in pharmaceutical sector.

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Triled on Corriere del Mezzogiorno newspaper

Triled on Corriere del Mezzogiorno newspaper

"My idea? A mosquito repellent bulb. The first tested and certified in laboratory ». It looks like a simple invention by Riccardo Ricciolio, a young 24-year Neapolitan entrepreneur, graduated in Economics with a Master of International Business in San Francisco and Finance in Shanghai. And instead, "Triled" (so called both the bulb and its technology) is ready to revolutionize the LED lighting market.

The article came out last November 7 on the "Corriere del Mezzogiorno", the Campania edition of Corriere della Sera; an interview with Riccardo Ricciolio, the creator of TRILED technology

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Product range


LED - Mosquito repellent Bulb

Ø 70x127mm - 80x346mm
7W - 8W - 10W - 11W


LED - T8 Mosquito repellent Tube

Ø 25x485,6mm - 25x1085mm 
9W - 17W


LED - Mosquito repellent Panel

Dimensions: H 50 mm
Diameter outside 98 mm inner 70mm
7W - 8W - 10W - 11W


Multi use lamp

300 Lm
RA > 82
5000K / 1850k / 3150k