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An italian Story

Riccardo Ricciolio, a young 24-year Neapolitan entrepreneur graduated in Economics with a Master of International Business in San Francisco and Master of Finance in Shanghai, during an Innovation Exams in the States, he invents a particular technology implanted in lighting, specifically a light bulb that, in addition to Low power consumption (60% less than classic ones), clicking with the same switcher has 3 different colors in the same bulb (cold light, natural light and yellow light) and as the world's newest the yellow emitted light used as mosquito repellent.

The re-adapted university project for the lighting business has two fundamental features: 1) a philanthropic purpose; 2) an important economic return in the medium to long term. Having completed his Master in USA and starting to attend the second in China, he had set aside the project so he could concentrate and finish the studies first. Now, back to Italy for about a year, he has started to propose this bulb on the world market as innovation, so it has been produced, certified and patented.

The product is called TRILED and sales opportunities and distribution channels are endless because not only for the advanced LED technology but as a novelty in the world a repellent out of the ordinary, in fact the bulb is capable of removing mosquitoes according to some tests depending on its watt power, every watt is 1.4 square meters, so a 10 watt light bulb can cover an area of ​​14 square meters.

All this was possible by developing a smart CIP inside the bulb that does not need relè, so this bulb can be used with any electrical system without the need for the most modern ones in order to give any person on the planet the opportunity to use it and protect themselves from mosquitoes. He have been testing the yellow color used and he found a surprising thing, using "in field" experiments (recreating the environment and domestic conditions) most of the mosquitoes used in the test are annoyed by light and the "biting behavior" of them decreases considerably when compared to other chemical repellents, while in "cages" experiments it has been noted that despite the mosquito has been stressed by its proximity to the prey sprinkled with human blood, sugar and white egg in a cage of 20 cm, after an induction of about 1 hour of  yellow of the TRILED lamp, the mosquito seems paralyzed and lost appetite. Not only for common mosquitoes but also for more dangerous mosquitoes that are vectors of virus like MALARIA, ZIKA, DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA and YELLOW FEVER. In addition to the 7 and 10 watt bulb, LED tubes and LED panels have been manufactured and marketed all with the same technology. There are already numerous intergovernmental and commercial agreements undertaken with Paraguay, Brazil, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh and Santo Domingo for its marketing. All this has been done in such a way as to give a shake to science and the fight against these diseases that each year due to mosquitoes cause high mortality rates in the budgets in particular of the under developped countries.